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Counterfeit parts growing concern in transport industry

Counterfeit parts growing concern in transport industry | Automotive Services |

THE rise of counterfeit or 'grey market' auto parts is becoming a growing concern across the world and Isuzu Australia is committed to tackling this problem.

It's estimated that counterfeiting costs the global motor vehicle parts industry $12 billion per year, according to the World Custom Organisation in Interpol, and the problem is getting bigger every year. Figures show that 83 per cent of counterfeit parts originate from China, where lax enforcement of intellectual property laws has seen production flourish.

According to independent market analysis by Ipsos Business Consulting (IBC), China's automotive components sector is set to achieve annual growth of 20 per cent for the next five years, driven by demand for new cars and a growing secondary market. The grey market problem is particularly widespread throughout Asia and the Middle East too.

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GM Holden to lead Australian automotive market in equal playing field

GM Holden to lead Australian automotive market in equal playing field | Automotive Services |

As GM Holden Ltd takes the leadership of Australian automotive market, its leadership is welcomed with respect and positive aura in looking forward for new opportunities and equity.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) Executive Director Stuart Charity said “By opening access for all Australian repairers to the AC Delco Technical Delivery System, which is now populated with Australian vehicle specific content, GM Holden has taken a big step forward. Since 2009, AAAA has led the drive to create a level playing field for the service and repair sector. The 2011 Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council report recommended that the industry develop a code of conduct for data sharing. Bruce Billson, the former Federal Minister for Small Business, facilitated the challenging negotiations between the parties.”

The access to information required for diagnosis, servicing, body repair, inspection, servicing, periodic monitoring, and reinstalling of vehicle and other significant information were all contained by the agreement that the parties made for code of conduct for data sharing. The Australian Automotive Dealer Association, Australian Automobile Association, Australian Motor Industry Federation, and the Australian Motor Industry Federation, were all the parties with AAAA conduct the agreement.

Charity added that “AAAA hopes that GM Holden’s initiative creates a precedent that will be followed by all car companies operating in Australia. This will achieve our aim to ensure all Australian vehicle owners retain their right to choose who repairs their vehicle – a dealer or an independent workshop. AAAA acknowledges that Toyota/Lexus, Ford, Audi/Skoda, Jaguar/Land Rover and BMW have also made some technical information available. But their current efforts all fall well short of what is required under the industry Heads of Agreement.”

Top4's insight:

Free access of information for all particularly in vehicle repair service is a good idea and it may become a tool for progress and for equal business competition. A leadership who is invoking that idea could gain the trust of the public.  

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New road rules to make cars avoid hitting cyclist and other motorists

New road rules to make cars avoid hitting cyclist and other motorists | Automotive Services |

Cycling at South Australia will be safer as new road rules are planned to execute in the 25th day of this month to enhance the safety of cyclists.  

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan said that "Under the changes, motorists will be required to keep at least one metre from a cyclist when the speed limit is 60 kilometres per hour or under, and at least 1.5 metres clear when the speed limit is over 60kph. If a driver has a clear view of any approaching traffic and can do so safely, they will be allowed to drive to the right of the road and cross double lines to overtake a cyclist.”

"That becomes a really big concern. We see commonsense being a key to the implementation of these regulations because if people do start to get paranoid, if people do start to swerve to really avoid cyclists and push over into other lanes that can become a problem,” said Corey Wingard who worries about any overtaking of cyclists which could put motorists on the wrong side of double lines.

Violators of the said new road rules might be fine a $347 and the loss of two demerit points.

Top4's insight:

The new road rules favored both cyclists and motorist; giving them both safety while enjoying the road. Making road rules like this are good for the public. 

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The Automotive Future: 2015 Tokyo Motor Show | Practical Motoring

The Automotive Future: 2015 Tokyo Motor Show | Practical Motoring | Automotive Services |

The Tokyo Motor Show is always filled with interesting metal, and this year's show is no exception. Here are some of the cars we'll be driving... soon.

THE FUTURE OF MOTORING is being built right now and plenty of it is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. From electric-only SUVs, to small sports cars and cars that don’t have a single metal body panel, it’s all here. Here’s our lightning round-up of the cars we’ll be driving… soon.

The next rotary engine has been named SKYACTIV-R and Mazda hopes that the RX-VISION will one day make it from concept to reality. We too hope that this front-engine, rear-wheel drive rotary beauty makes it from concept to road-going model.

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Vehicle repair works decreases as road accidents also decrease

Vehicle repair works decreases as road accidents also decrease | Automotive Services |

Is not good news for vehicle repair industry that the demand in vehicle repair work is decreasing, but it is a good report that road accidents rate are decreasing because of new vehicles (particularly cars) safety features. 

The Motor Vehicle Body Paint and Interior Repair Australia found out that vehicle safety features has deeply impacted the demand or vehicle repair service. They also learned that motorist has also become adamant to road accident; being wise to drive defensively and avoid vehicles collision and maybe lost of life.

Because of this improvement, the car insurers are starting to play a larger role in the automotive repair sector directly, and they might develop their own operations within this car insurance and vehicle repair industry. They might also think that the decrease in the demand of vehicle repair is not lost because vehicle damages are avoided and lives are spared.

Top4's insight:

Improvements in road driving (like decreasing road accident rate) are good to have although on the other hand it affects the productivity of vehicle repair industry. The vehicle repair industry and car insurers should not worry because they might find another way to boost their business. 

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Erroneous star rating generates disappointments

Erroneous star rating generates disappointments | Automotive Services |

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) earlier this month was disappointed with the promotion of imprecise star ratings for All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and Side-by-Side Vehicles (SSV).

The University of NSW Traffic and Road Safety team was the one who proposed the star rating. Their star rating (which is allegedly) was based on research that does not relate testing outcomes (or vehicle characteristics) to any real world data, so it cannot accurately inform ATV and SSV consumers about the relative safety of one vehicle versus another.

FCAI expressed their disappointments stating that “We believe that it is essential any star rating system for any vehicle, including ATVs and SSVs, accurately validates each particular vehicle’s safety benefits compared with other like vehicles.”

Top4's insight:

Promoting inaccurate ratings will be unhelpful and could mislead the people. The people must be skeptic in ratings that has no sufficient facts to believe. 

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